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Connect with UOnline

Have questions?
We have answers. Review our frequently asked questions here. If you have a specific question, please email us at and we can connect you with the right department.

You can also contact the following departments directly:

Admissions (Applying to the University, transferring credits, etc.)

801-581-8761 (office)

Advising (Planning your major, exploring program options, etc.)

Your time is valuable! Academic advising can help you choose the major, plan the courses, and find the co-curricular opportunities that best fit your interests, goals, and time constraints.

UOnline Programs are designed to be completed entirely online. You can find program-specific academic advisors on undergraduate and graduate program pages.

If your program does not have a specific advisor listed or if you would like to see if you can complete a different major through UOnline, please visit the Academic Advising Center.

Return to the U  (For students returning to finish their first undergraduate degree) 

Student Success Coaches  (Support for your unique situation)
385-232-6615 (text) To schedule a meeting with a Student Success Coach
801-587-8556 (main office)
View our Individual SSCs 

Exam Services (Scheduling exams, proctoring services, etc.)
Schedule your exams through CIS.
801-581-6112 (select option 3 when prompted)

For questions regarding technical help with courses, specific course questions after enrollment, or admissions issues, contact the appropriate departments at the links below.

Last Updated: 6/17/22