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Beginning Fall Semester 2020, the University of Utah will offer a lower-cost tuition for students officially declared to a qualifying UOnline undergraduate degree program. This special all-online tuition is available to help students who have started college to finish their degrees and graduate. Whether you are transferring to the U, returning after being away or needing a more flexible and affordable path to graduation, UOnline’s all-online tuition is for you. Apply now. Current U students should talk to an academic advisor to declare to one of the all-online programs.


UOnline all-online undergraduate tuition is a flat-rate $260 per credit hour for Utah residents and out-of-state students alike. We waive all the mandatory university fees that fund activities and facilities that all-online students don’t use. All-online students will pay one-time matriculation fee and application fees and any specific course fees covering instructional resources for particular classes. 

Students only taking online classes and declared to a qualifying UOnline undergraduate programs will be assessed tuition at the special all-online rate. Declaring to a qualifying program usually happens through an admissions application for transferring or returning students.

The qualifying UOnline undergraduate degree programs are:

Students declared as all-online to qualified UOnline programs cannot take on-campus classes. For on-campus students, the university offers over a thousand online class sections that any student can mix with on-campus classes to help in creating a flexible class schedule; however, standard tuition rates and fees apply to on-campus students taking online classes.

Life circumstances change; we get it. Current students can switch to or from all-online declared status in a qualified program at certain times during their program of study. Talk with an academic advisor and a financial aid specialist to start the process to understand how all-online or on-campus status will impact your financial aid disbursements and progress toward finishing your degree at the University of Utah.

Students declared to an all-online program take every class online and pay lower tuition. They don’t pay fees associated with on-campus activities and services. They can access important academic support services, such as remote library services, student software packages (ie. Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office 360), advising, eTutoring and career coaching, to succeed in their studies. UOnline students are always welcome on the U campus at the UOnline exam center and university events and services that do not require a UCard for access. They do not have access to some campus related activities like the UCard public transit pass, the Student Life Center recreation facilities, athletic events admission and ASUU student life on-campus events. Online students are welcome and encouraged to join graduation ceremonies to celebrate earning their degree.

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