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BLock U and Fall Leaf

BlockU is an intensive GenEd experience available for the first time to Online Students with the theme of Global Citizenship!  

  • Participate with others in a virtual self-exploration and study of tough issues facing our planet and its inhabitants.
  • Explore and understand the footprint of your citizenship along with its rights and responsibilities, locally and globally.
  • Satisfy your interest in having and managing global impact.
  • Complete 6 General Education requirements plus affiliate classes (if you choose).
  • Engage in and learn some of the most cutting-edge online community-building programs.

GCO is for students who are just starting college and want a framework around their GenEds or if they are on their way out and need a final few GenEds to get ready to be part of the global economy.

Here is one example of how to make GCO work with a schedule (students can take any course, in any sequence, at their convenience):

Fall 2020

  1. Sign up for the Global Citizenship Learning Community (HF) UGS 2230-090
  2. Select one Writing class from this list
    • WRTG 1010 Intro to Academic Writing (WR1)
    • WRTG 2010 Intermediate Writing (WR2)
  3. Select one course from this list
    • MATH 1030 Intro to Quantitative Reasoning (QA)
  4. Pick 2 more classes of your choice for a total of 15 credits
    • GEOG 1400-090 Human Geography
    • LING 3600 Cross-Cultural Communication (DVHF)
    • Chem 1210-090 General Chemistry (SG) 

Spring 2021

  1. Sign up for the Global Citizenship Learning Community (BF) UGS 2235-090
  2. Select one American Institutions course from this list
    • ECON 1740-090 US Economic History (AI)
  3. Select the class you still need from this list
    • COMM 1270 Analysis of Argument (QB)
  4. Pick 2 more classes of your choice for a total of 15 credits
    • ARTH 1010 Masterpieces World Art (FF)
    • ART 2060 NM Digital Photography (FF)
    • CHEM 1220-090 General Chemistry II (SF) 

To learn more about BlockU or to schedule an appointment with the BlockU Advisor, please contact the Academic Advising Center at 801-581-8146.

To take the online BlockU Global Citizenship Learning Communities students should register for each course in CIS.  

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