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UOnline Experiences provides highly engaged experiential learning opportunities for University of Utah students in a qualified online graduate program. 

Student Benefits

These resume-worthy experiences allow you to demonstrate what you’ve learned in a supportive atmosphere.

  • Depending on the program, experiences take the form of clinical placements or internships, where you work with innovative companies on projects that solve real business needs.
  • Many experiences also have the potential to count towards practicum or capstone requirements or provide the hours necessary to gain a particular certification.
  • Preference is given to current students in a qualified UOnline graduate program.
  • Students can apply to open opportunities listed below.

Available Experiences

Company Benefits

For companies seeking ways to connect to University of Utah graduate students through research, innovation, or practicum placements, UOnline Experiences is a natural fit. 

  • Grow and upskill your workforce. Get connected to graduate students from a top-tier research university dedicated to delivering on real business needs through guided, experiential learning.
  • Receive support from UOnline’s Partnerships & Development team for the duration of the experience.

Interested in partnering? Contact the Partnerships & Development team at

"Corporate engagement with academia is mutually beneficial and critical to our innovation strategy. Innovation requires exploration of the unknown and a high tolerance for risk. Many promising solutions lack investment due to uncertainty, but we are unlocking this untapped value by collaborating with university researchers who are on the frontier of discovery.”

-Joshua Uda, Director of Platform Strategy & Innovation at Cotiviti

Programs Currently Accepting Partnerships

Seeking corporate partnerships to offer experiential learning opportunities to Nursing Informatics students in order to fulfill practicum requirements.

Seeking program sponsorship to support scholarships for students currently employed as teachers in Utah school districts.

Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Coming Fall 2024

Board Certified Behavior Analyst - Coming Fall 2024

Seeking site partnerships with school districts and autism clinics to allow BCBA Students to complete their practical supervised fieldwork in applied behavior analysis.



Last Updated: 10/30/23