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Respected, Engaging, Convenient

Keep Going

Juggling school, work, family, and social obligations can be frustrating. The University of Utah offers hundreds of online classes helping you take the classes you need on the schedule you want.

Fit one more class into your schedule this semester, or take summer classes while away from campus.  Maybe take a semester and see the world. Flexible UOnline offerings allow you to keep progressing on your Plan to Finish when life presents opportunities or takes an unexpected turn.

Beyond Campus

You now have more options than ever to access a University of Utah education and finish your degree faster - even if you can't come to campus daily, weekly, or ever.

UOnline offerings provide opportunities to study with outstanding University of Utah faculty and earn your degree in areas such as nursing, psychology, social work, economics, electrical engineering, and business; with more programs being developed in the coming years.

On the Job

Do you need additional education to move to the next level in your career? Online certificate programs and professional Masters programs give you that opportunity while allowing you to stay at your job and work around your schedule. The University of Utah offers online certificate programs in areas like healthcare, business, engineering, information technology, and data analysis.

Last Updated: 6/23/17