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What Does It Cost?

Undergraduate Tuition

UOnline undergraduate tuition for 2022-2023 is $260 per credit hour for both Utah residents and non-residents. Some courses assess additional class fees described at the time of registration.

Graduate Tuition

Tuition for UOnline graduate programs varies based on residency and the program's set tuition rate. 

Click on the Tuition Estimator to see approximately what your tuition will be.
Be sure to select UOnline Programs from the Campus drop-down menu.

Tuition Estimator

What Financial Support Is Available?

Undergraduate Students

  • UOnline Scholarships - Students who are designated as fully online are eligible to apply to the UOnline Scholarship. Apply Here
  • Federal Financial Aid? Yes. Online students typically qualify for the same types of federal financial aid as main campus students.
  • VA Benefits? Yes! Eligible students can use their GI Bill benefits. Our  Veterans Support Center can help answer questions regarding benefits that may be available. 
  • University Scholarships? No. Online students benefit from an affordable reduced tuition and do not qualify for university-administered scholarships (ex. merit, transfer, first-year, etc.).
  • Program Scholarships? Potentially. Please review eligibility requirements before applying for these scholarships.
  • Tuition Reduction for U of U Employees? No. Students cannot apply the U of U employee reduced tuition benefit to UOnline tuition.
  • Private Scholarships? Likely. Unless otherwise indicated by the agency, private scholarships can also apply towards UOnline tuition.

Graduate Students

  • UOnline Scholarships - Students who are designated as fully online are eligible to apply to the UOnline Scholarship. Apply Here
  • Students in some UOnline graduate programs may qualify for the employee reduced tuition benefit. Please contact our Student Success Team or your program advisor to determine whether you qualify and to discuss options. 
  • UOnline graduate students can also apply for private scholarships and federal financial aid, as well as use eligible VA benefits. For questions regarding your VA benefits, please contact our Veterans Support Center.


Donate to Help Others

When you give to UOnline Scholarships, you are supporting nontraditional students who fit school around their lives, not their lives around school. These students are often juggling work, family, and social obligations, and rely on the flexibility that online programs offer. Others have invisible disabilities such as anxiety and depression which make in-person classes difficult. Through your generosity, more students will be able to complete their degrees who would otherwise find it difficult were it not for UOnline.

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Helpful Financial Aid Resources

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Last Updated: 5/24/23