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Apply for Admission

You must apply to the University of Utah in order to participate in a UOnline program. There is not a separate application for UOnline, so all general admissions questions (transcripts, progress, acceptance to the U) should be directed to the University of Utah Admissions Office. After you have been admitted and completed orientation, you will receive access and information on how to register for classes through UOnline.

Before you apply, visit our State Authorizations page to ensure that we are authorized to offer our services in your state. 

Graduate Students

Graduate students have already received an undergraduate degree from the U or another university.  Please note that you must be accepted by the University AND the specific program you are pursuing. Program application deadlines vary.

  GRADUATE Application

Undergraduate Students

If you are applying to nursing or social work UOnline programs, you must apply to both the University of Utah and to the program. 

Please note the following instructions for the application form:

  • Under 'Campus,' select 'Online Programs.'
  • Under 'Enrollment - When do you plan to enroll?', select the appropriate semester (i.e., Fall, Spring, Summer).
  • Under 'Type of Application', select the appropriate student type.
    • Only 'Transfer,' 'Second Bachelor's Degree,' 'Non-Traditional,' and 'Readmit' students are eligible to apply to UOnline programs.
    • Applicants who select 'Non-Degree Seeking' will be admitted as Main Campus students.
  • Under 'Academic Interest', select the major you'd like to pursue. Only programs available through UOnline will populate the field.


Last Updated: 2/5/24