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Several departments at the University of Utah offer graduate degrees as UOnline Programs, providing flexibility as you work toward your degree. Our courses are designed and taught by U faculty who excel at research in their respective disciplines. These courses give you, the student, the opportunity to view lectures, read class materials, discuss topics, and complete assignments working around your schedule, responsibilities and location.

Admission into all graduate programs requires application to both the University of Utah and the specific program. Application deadlines can be found on each program’s information page.  

Hybrid Options

Hybrid programs typically include online coursework and on-campus or in-person experiences, such as clinical externships or on-campus lab work. These programs are a great option for those who learn best in a combination of settings, while also allowing students residing out of state to participate in the program with some travel. Hybrid options conduct at least 20 percent of the program in-person; some programs may require more time in person.

Last Updated: 4/8/24