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Online Class Schedules - For Credit Classes

To view a schedule of online courses currently available for registration visit the links below.  Online classes are identified by the ONLN attribute. Any matriculated University of Utah student may register for online classes. For more information on taking classes as a non-matriculated student visit the University of Utah Office of Admissions website.

If you are unsure about what classes you should be taking, general education requirements or your degree program requirements, please schedule a conversation with an advisor.

Current Online Class Schedules

Spring 2019 Class Schedule

Summer 2019 Class Schedule

Fall 2019 Class Schedule

Registering for Online Classes

Students registering for online classes follow the University of Utah’s standard registration procedures.

New and Transfer Student Registration Continuing Student Registration

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University Application Deadlines

Spring - November 1

Summer - March 15

Fall - April 1

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Last Updated: 5/13/19