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Juggling school, work, family and social obligations can be frustrating. The University of Utah offers hundreds of classes online helping you take the classes you need on the schedule you want. You can mix online and on-campus classes or you may choose to complete your degree or earn a certificate through one of our growing list of programs that can be completed entirely online. Squeeze in one more class each semester using online options and progress faster on your Plan to Finish. They also offer options to keep going with school when life takes an unexpected turn, or an amazing opportunity for travel, service or career advancement comes your way. Whether you are in the campus dorms, connecting from your home, or taking a class as part of your career professional development; the University of Utah offers opportunities for flexible, deeply engaged learning from one of the world’s top public universities recognized as a top choice for non-traditional student

Online classes follow the regular semester schedule and are taught by the same outstanding faculty and  instructors as on-campus courses. Online classes simply don’t have a required meeting time or place; instead you access class media, readings, discussions and assignments over the internet through your computer or mobile device.  In online classes everyone has a voice  contributing to the learning experience. The online environment lets you ask questions, build connections with classmates, and virtually access university services like advisors. Many online classes require that you take scheduled exams supervised by a proctor. The university provides assistance arranging these proctored exams. The university adds a $60/class fee to online classes in addition to regular tuition and other fees. The fee helps develop high-quality online offerings and funds the supporting technologies and services to help you succeed.

Walk through a sample online course to get a feel for the online learning environment.
 Online classes for credit at the University of Utah are accredited and accepted the same as the on-campus offerings. Some states require the university to obtain special authorization to offer classes to students in their borders. if you are living outside of Utah, check our state authorization information to determine if you can take University of Utah online classes.

Online learning takes self-discipline and careful attention to managing time and deadlines. You are responsible for making sure you keep up with class topics and turn in assignments. While many online classes involve group projects and students often form virtual study groups; much of your study, readings, lecture and assignments will be done on your own. Use the Online Readiness Questionnaire, to quickly determine if you are prepared to success in an online class

Yes! It is absolutely possible to take both on campus and online classes simultaneously. You would register for the online classes the same way that you register for on campus courses through CIS. When you are registering for a class, simply look at the “Class Attributes” to see if the class has an “ONLN” designation. The ONLN designation means the class will be online and the instructor will communicate with you via Canvas.

You must apply and be admitted to the University in order to take any for-credit, UOnline courses. Students registering for online classes follow the University of Utah’s standard registration procedures. Online classes are identified in the class schedule by the ONLN attribute. Online classes do carry a $60 per class fee that helps pay for the technology services involved in developing, delivering, and supporting online versions of university courses.

There is no cap on the number of credits a University of Utah student can earn through online offerings – with the exception of special regulations for international students on campus or residing in the United States. The University’s International Student and Scholar Services can explain online credit limitations for international students.

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