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BLock U and Fall Leaf

About Block U

Block U is an academic learning community for first-year college students. For two semesters, a small group of students, peer advisor and faculty participate in a class built around a theme.

In addition to the learning community class, students register for a schedule (block) of thematically organized classes that, together with the learning community class, meet all the required general education Intellectual Exploration components.

In Block U classes, students develop skills that are important for all careers, such as problem solving, written and oral communication skills, and teamwork. Block U is designed to provide students with an experience that combines the personal attention of a small college environment with the unparalleled resources of a large research university.

With Block U, you will:

  • Complete all of your general education Intellectual Exploration requirements in one year
  • Develop the skills to take 15 credit hours or more each semester.
  • Develop connections with Block U students, faculty, peer advisors, and campus resources.
  • Receive official stamp on your transcript and Block U certificate.
  • Conduct and produce relevant community-engaging projects.


About Global Citizenship

Global Citizenship is about thinking more globally as you start to act locally. The world is a smaller and smaller place every day. Globalization affects our lives every day. From healthcare to the environment to poverty and popular culture, participation in the world is a global act. Global Citizenship is led by faculty in the College of Humanities.

With Global Citizenship, you will:

  • Participate with others in a virtual self-exploration and study of tough issues facing our planet and its inhabitants.
  • Explore and understand the footprint of your citizenship along with its rights and responsibilities, locally and globally.
  • Satisfy your interest in having and managing global impact.
  • Engage in and learn some of the most cutting-edge online community-building programs.

The classes associated with this learning community will provide you the opportunity to learn and explore the writing, math, linguistics, economics, chemistry, and the art pathways.

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Visit our FAQ page for answers to questions we receive pretty often. If you have a question that is not listed, please fill out the contact form and a Block U Ambassador will reach out within 24 hours.


Application Deadlines


Spring - November 1

Summer - March 1

Fall - April 1


Last Updated: 7/12/22